About Us

Who We Are

We are a district-wide community group that values public education and work for improvement. We help parents help their children learn. Our membership is drawn from different neighborhoods and includes parents of different  income levels, diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds and varied educational backgrounds. We are an affiliate of Parents for Public School, Inc., a national organization of local chapters dedicated to strengthening and promoting public schools throughout the country.

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Why We Formed

The defeat in 1998 of a school funding initiative indicated the need for a community group that is willing to speak up in support of public schools as well as provide consistent timely and accurate information on school issues. Parents and other members of the community interested in public schools need forums where they can meet, share information and ideas and work together to address issues of common concern.

What We Believe

We believe that

  1. Education of our children is a responsibility shared by all members of the community,
  2. Parents have both a right and a responsibility to be constructive participants in the decision-making that affects their children’s education,
  3. Strong public schools help sustain both economic growth and property values and thus are fundamental to Columbia’s economic health and stability,
  4. Ongoing community support and involvement is necessary to maintain the quality of our schools, and
  5. We must continually work to improve public education for all children, not just our own.

Our Vision

  1. We envision a system in which: All schools are parent friendly schools where teachers and parents work well together;
  2. Students develop a love of learning, achieve above state and national norms and connect easily to jobs or higher education;
  3.  Schools enjoy broad-based community support with readily available funds when needed.

Our Mission

To promote real parent engagement in order to continually improve education and sustain public support for our public schools.

Columbia Parents for Public Schools works with other organizations and community groups, such as the Parent Teacher Associations, to promote, support and strengthen the Columbia Public Schools.